We aim for Eastern Sales Co – Archery to be your one stop shop for all things bow related! We are the certified dealer for Hoyt, Mathews, Missions, PSE, Elite, and Genesis Bows. We stock many different bows from $300 through $2,000.  There is a bow available for any skill level of archer you may be! Here at our archery shop we also offer to you the skilled expertise of trained archery technicians. We offer repair and warranty work on site.  We also offer the simple restringing of your bow, and can special order any color strings you choose.  Whatever you may need for your bow, we can get it if its not already in stock.  Knocks, quivers, releases, stabilizers, rest, arrows, broad heads and field points…..phew!  Do you need something to shoot at?  Well, we can get you a target too!

Along with all of our bows, accessories, and technical expertise we can also offer you a place to shoot your bow!  Our indoor range is climate controlled and mosquito free.  Come spend some time shooting with us.  The hourly fee is minimal.

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